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The curtain opens

Destiny wanted the Teatro Real and Papagena to be together

The union of talent

Ramon Freixa, Luis Garcia Fraile and Xandra Falcó

A short summary

Alfred Einstein defined Mozart's sublime work as “a work that enchants the child, moves the mature man and excites the wise”. Its essence is represented in every corner of the new restaurant.

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In Papagena, the perfect pairing bears the surname of one of our country's great families: Xandra Falcó. Her career represents the best of wine and she has worked closely as sommelier advisor on our wine list.

Gastronomic offer


Enjoy the opera with all your senses

Cocktails at El Real

Original flavors and creations with an author's stamp inspired by the peculiar character of Mozart's work. The Teatro Real becomes a temple of mixology in an environment full of sophistication and breathtaking views of Madrid de los Austrias.

The Teatro Real is a symbol of the capital and one of the most considered operatic theaters in Europe. Its cultural offer is reinforced with the opening of the new restaurant. At Papagena, the curtain opens up to the pleasure and enjoyment of those little things that give us life, such as music, food and good company.